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School Management System


Snehalaya has come a long way since 1989 when we started educating a handful of children from the Red-light areas of Ahmednagar and now we are committed to providing formal education to them through one of our projects Snehalaya English Medium School.

Snehalaya English Medium School was established in 2010 with an expression to provide education to our Rehab Center children who basically struggle to get admission into mainstream schools as they have their HIV medication and that restricts their concentration and attendance. But gradually we broadened our horizon and started admitting children from slum areas as well as villages. We have now completed two successful batches of class 10 with 100 percent pass rates.

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world, education was one sector that suffered the most. Off-roading from the age-old tradition of classroom teaching to a completely new setting of online was a major challenge. This challenge was not only for teachers but also for the parents and children. This transition to technology encouraged us to create a system that would enable us to gather all necessary information in one place. To bridge the gap Snehalaya English Medium School set up a common platform through which information and ideas could be shared for a better and brighter future for our students, brought to us by Verifer Edutech Pvt. Ltd. (VEPL) in the form of Brytr EMS.

This portal will store and revive all the school-related information and disseminate it to all the relevant stakeholders, including Snehalaya management and school staff as well as parents and government departments.

The journey began in December 2019 when came across a similar portal in another institution. Thrilled with what he saw, he decided to create something similar for Snehalaya English Medium School. With the technical help of our trustee, Shashikant Satbhai and Devendra Abhyankar, and the donors for the project, the Bapat family, the platform was virtually launched on the eve of Teachers’ Day. This is a major step in the digitalization and data management of our school.

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