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Republic Day

Republic Day was celebrated with enthusiasm at our Rehab Center with chief guest, Lt Col Tila Vista Madam. Addressing our assembled beneficiaries, staff and volunteers from Australia, The Netherlands and UK. she shared her thoughts that: "Knowledge is something that stays with a person until their last breath. Men and women should not compete with each other and should work hand in hand for the development of society, no matter how many hurdles and difficulties there may be in lives. Our journey should with joy and happiness and no stopping and a positive attitude."

Organised by our Snehalaya English Medium School, our younger children expressed their thoughts through speeches, while our older children showed their love for their country through the medium of dance. At the end of the program everyone enjoyed snacks.

Meanwhile, in our Bablbhavan, 33 students from Sanjay Nagar participated in a Republic Day parade at the District Police Headquarters. Trhough practice sessions, the children learnt the importance of discipline watching the police parade, motivating many to consider becoming police officers in the future.

The Veer Defense Force Initiative in our Sanjay Nagar Rehabilitation Project has introduced activities like parades to inculcate discipline, karate for self-defense, and career guidance to build our children's futures. Recognising their skills, Seema Juni was selected as the Red Commander and Aarti Bhond as ‘Dainadarshak’.

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