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"Silk thread is the color of intimate love and passion."

Snehalaya's Balbhavan, Snehadhar, Childline, Snehsparsh and Rehab Center projects celebrated the Rakshabandhan festival with our children, beneficiaries and supporters from Ahmednagar, including the Police, Tarakpur State Transport Depot employees, hospital staff, etc.

Throughout the day our teams enthusiastically visited our friends to tie the Rakhi, a symbol of the love between sister and brother. This festival provides a day to honour the unbreakable bond between siblings. Every sister eagerly awaits this festival to demonstrate their love by tying the Rakhi. However Snehalaya’s ever increasing commitments to our beneficiaries means many staff cannot go home to share this day with their own brothers or sisters, hence sharing the love with those who live with us and help us in our mission.

It is also an annual highlight for our children who consider the 200+ of our beneficiaries as their brothers and sisiters. We took all of our girls to tie the rakhi on their brothers with some visiting staff on duty throughout our city. They were really pleased to see them and they blessed the girls in return with gifts like chocolates, pens, etc.

Our Rakshabandhan event was organized in a lovely way, with the unbreakable thread of love, affection and mutual trust celebrated with enthusiasm.

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