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Pledge to end Child Marriage

Our Children's Day celebrations included an Udaan child marriage prevention campaign throughout Ahmednagar District, from 14 November to 15 December, to encourage people to take a pledge to help in our mission to end child marriage,

Our district has one of the highest rates of child marriage in India, and Snehalaya is committed to curbing the increasing number of child marriages and increasing public awareness and the laws against child marriage. With 33 years of experience working for the rights of marginalised women and children, we have taken the initiative to bring many solutions and results to the social problems of women and children in Ahmednagar District.

The COVID pandemic saw a significant rise in the incidences of child marriage and Snehalaya has prevented over 350 child marriages in the last three years under Udaan Abhiyan. After Tulsi's marriage, the wedding ceremony will be in full swing; thus the timing of this campaignto encourage all citizens to take an oath to fight against child marriage and participate in this fight.

Ahmednagar district pledge to end child marriage

We are residents of Ahmednagar District, pledge that,

We are against child marriage. Let's stand together and stand firm

We will not allow child marriage in our family, village, town, or Panchkroshi.

It will never directly or indirectly help child marriage.

If we find child marriage, we will immediately report it to the appropriate authorities.

Providing urgent information to Udan Helpline, Childline, Police, Village Sevak, Tehsildar, Child Development Project Officer, Anganwadi Workers, Teachers,

I do my civic duty. Child marriage of girls and boys

On life and future. There are serious side effects.

Child marriage is an illegal offense; It is punishable by imprisonment for two years and a fine of Rs. Yakami girl's parents, relatives, marriage arrangers, and supporters attend that everyone is


We will make people aware. We will provide information on child marriage by contacting Childline's toll-free number, 1098, immediately.

Administration for legal action. Full cooperation and assistance

As an umpire or witness on occasion, Perform civic duty

Child Marriage Free City District. and child marriage free

To realize India's dream with determination

We promise.

Jai Hind...!!

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