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Mother Theresa Awards

We are honored to have been awarded the Mother Teresa Memorial Award for Social Justice 2023. Hosted by Harmony Foundation the awards acknowledge and recognize the extraordinary work of individuals or organizations who aim to promote peace, harmony and social justice. The awards took place in Mumbai and our Founder, Dr Girish Kulkarni was there to receive the award on behalf of Snehalaya.

The other recipients of the awards on the theme of 'Humanity in Action' were:

  • Heidi Kühn, Founder Roots of Peace and World Food Prize 2023

  • Narges Mohammadi, Human Rights Activist & Nobel Peace Prize 2023 Laureate

  • International Committee of the Red Cross

  • Judge Frank Caprio

  • Magic Bus


  • Shyam Kamble

Watch Girish receive his prize below.

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