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A mother's eyes

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Savita came to Snehalaya in 2006, after separating from her husband. From day one, she looked out for the children living in our shelter home, protecting their health and wellbeing by giving them the selfless love and warmth of a mother, especially to our smaller children living with HIV.

She positively impacted their lives, sometimes literally keeping them alive with her care. She was soon given special responsibility to care for HIV+ babies and youngsters awaiting adoption.

Taking care of these special children can be a very tiring job, but Savita is always smiling, never tired, and always ready and available for anything, she is an exceptional example to us all.

Savita has been recognised for her role as an ideal mother, activist and servant to our children through many Snehalaya awards. Recently we were able to give her another gift. Savita is advancing in age and more prone to ailments such as asthma, blood pressure issues and high sugar levels. She has also developed cataracts.

Our team requested many eye hospitals to perform cataract surgery on Savita’s but were rejected based on health reasons or asked for unreasonable payments for her treatment. Taking matters into our own hands, and to ensure other poor, destitute or HIV+ patients could receive timely and affordable treatment, we decided to open an eye department and use our Caring Friends Hospital’s operating theatre to perform eye surgeries, with Savita given the priority she deserved as our first patient.

Unfortunately, her blood pressure and sugar levels were too high so her operation had to be delayed. Savita waited patiently while others received their life-changing surgeries, committing to reduce her levels. Finally, in May, the cataract operation was successfully completed. Savita is very happy and has a renewed vision. Needless to say, we are insisting she takes time to recuperate fully and enjoy some of the love and care she has provided so many others.

Our Caring Friends Hospital and Research Center provided her the treatment and care she deserves and is equally as committed to providing health services to the rights-deprived, neglected and marginalized women of all communities.

If you know anyone in need of health-related support, please get in touch:, +919011635200

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