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Learning Through Play

Toybank's goal is simple yet so challenging to achieve. They believe that every child should have the opportunity to play with games and toys and learn from that experience.

We have been partnering with the NGO since 2015, receiving regular batches of educational toys and training to develop the soft skills of our students in our Balbhavan, Rehab Center, and English Medium School.

In our latest training, Toybank's Jeffina Thomas's PowerPoint presentation shared research on educational sports in Jamaica and Toybank's research in Malvan, showing the changes that can be made in children through play.

This was followed by a fun game called Gachcha for the staff. This was followed by Neha Kamble giving a detailed presentation on Toybank and recent changes in its operations. More games followed lunch; Parrot Cage and Galgala. Rose Marie later explained the type of game and the division of games based on color and essential study elements:

i) S_Strategic_Grey

ii) P_Puzzle_Orange

iii) B_Block_ Pink

iv) A_Alphabets_ Blue

v) N_Numerical_ Green

vi) G_General_ Yellow

In the final session, the staff was invited to play the game themselves, with one Toybank member in each group of five. They were told how to play the game before playing and discussed what qualities children would develop from each game.

Sharing feedback, everyone involved responded enthusiastically, having resolved their doubts and left happy and satisfied. It was a great success and will be beneficial in teaching sports and study elements to all of our children.

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