#IWD 2022

Our Snehadhar, Balbhavan and Rehab Center celebrated International Women's Day #IWD with a range of programs for our beneficiaries, supported by Crompton CSR Foundation.

The power to build an intelligent society lies in women.

Our chief guest, Rajatji Chopra from Crompton, wished our women a special day and shared how she believes we should prioritise girls' education to enable women to stand on their own feet which will help build a prosperous society. She also extended a welcome for women and girls to join Crompton in the future. Her Foundation team then distributed gifts of hygiene kits.

This was followed by a cultural program organised by our Snehadhar project with dances, street plays, poetry readings, entertainment and a talk from Dr Ujwala Shirsath. Mamta Mam from the Bank of Maharashtra also provided information about the bank's facilities, plans, insurance and loans and promised to organise further training programs for our beneficiaries.

Our beneficiaries also enjoyed three days of competitions in the build up to International Women's Day, and prizes were distributed on the day, congratulations to all our winners!

"Everyone should be seen as a person first, not only as a woman or man."

Our Balbhavan also organised their own public awareness activities to provide more than 250 women living in our slum communities aware of their rights and entitlements. Further information on family planning, healthy diet, personal hygiene and exercise were provided by Amay Kamble. Discussions were also held on waste management, clean drinking water and the relevant government agencies taking up these issues. Our Balbhavan activities also included musical chairs, lemon and spoon races, group discussions and quizzes competition with prizes distributed to the winners.

Unfortunately, women are still underestimated in modern India and we agreed we all look forward to celebrating Women's Day in the true sense of the word when women are considered equal to men.