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Our Angels: Hema

This International Nurses Day we are giving a big shout out to all the nurses taking care of our us. Thank you for your care and dedication.

Hema lives in Siddharthnagar, mainly known for its fights, gambling dens, and liquor sales, and attended our Balbhavan for seven years. Her father is a laborer, her mother is a housemaid and her brother works for a company to help his family. Despite being brought up in an impoverished family, Hema was a topper throughout, determined to better her score at every step. She shone as a brilliant and talented student enthusiastically participating in every school and Balbhavan activity and passed her 12 std with excellent marks of 83%. This helped her gain admission for ANM to study nursing. The course fees are well beyond the family’s reach but thanks to our generous supporters we were able to sponsor her education.

Now in her second year of nursing, Hema is on track to fulfil her dreams and ultimately uplift her family’s financial and social status. Although, as she explains: “They do not understand much since no one in my family ever completed their higher education. But they support my dreams and give me space and time whenever I need it. They still don’t understand what I have achieved but are happy for me.”

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