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Family Matters

Updated: May 25, 2022

Madhuri was born with HIV and was brought to Snehalaya where she stood out as an active and clever girl. After completing her education and an ANM she found work at a local hospital to gain experience in nursing.

When we asked her about what she wanted in her future, Madhuri expressed her desire to get married. So we included her in the annual matchmaking meet for people living with HIV/AIDS. She quickly found her groom, who came from a suburb close to our Rehab Center and was employed in a reputed industry in our MIDC area. Madhuri and Akash were married at our annual marriage ceremony hosted in Snehalaya. She was really happy with her new family adding to it with the birth of her son.

After two years of marriage, Madhuri started to suspect that her husband did not care for her, and her fears were realized when she found out he was having an extramarital affair with another woman. Madhuri left her husband and returned to Snehalaya.

She was placed in our women’s shelter where she was provided counseling to discuss her issues. We also called her husband to discuss his side of the situation and together they attended couples counseling and family group counseling. We even talked with the woman who Akash was having the affair with. All were also provided with legal advice and guidance on ART medication. After helping them to understand the importance of the couple being together and their parents' support and love, they were able to overcome their issues and are back together living happily again.

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