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Drama queens

Pari and Rashi from our Rehabilitation Center are good in curricular and extracurricular activities. Over this summer vacation, as well as participating in the regular activities for all children, they took the unique opportunity to do something different. When we asked if they would be interested in attending a 10-day acting workshop in Pune they jumped at the chance.

The workshop developed many new skills to express emotions involved in different roles and honed their skills as actors. Pari says: “I loved the workshop and learnt so many different acting techniques. For example, the ability to use my imagination to really visualise myself holding an object and then use facial expressions and body language to also make the audience believe it was really there.”

Speaking about our girls, their drama teacher Rupali Bhave said: “Rashi has great ideas. Her on-stage presence is natural and her speech is confident - she needed no guidance on speaking up for the stage. If I outlined something, she took time to think about what her character would do in the situation and added her own dramatic flair to the performance."

She added: “Pari has a great appetite for learning and is ready to out in the required work to achieve her ambitions. After I removed the part of a singer from a story, Pari came to me to say she takes singing classes and would like to play the role. I gladly reinstated the role which Pari played very well.”

Both girls stole the show with increased confidence in their abilities and a renewed focus on their lives and futures, choosing the path less travelled by many people. All we wish to see them successful in whatever field they choose for their life.

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