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Dr Priti Bhombe

Updated: May 12, 2022

"Working in a back office role for many years, Priti has the intelligence to read between the lines and question and rationalise our strategies. In doing so, she has established great connections to enhance the mission of Snehalaya globally. Her critical views, frank opinions, clarity of thoughts and understanding is amazing."
Dr Girish Kulkarni, Founder, Snehalaya

A medical doctor by profession, Priti had been in private practice and managing a hospital with her father for 15 years before she joined Snehalaya’s community radio team. Her father has been in the socio-political field as a dedicated doctor who considers his profession to be a service for the needy.

Priti made the switch from medicine to the creative field of broadcasting when she started working as a producer and radio jockey for Radio Nagar in 2011. She later served as programming head, gradually leaving her clinical practice completely to become a full time member of the Snehalaya family.

In 2016, she joined the fundraising and communications team of Snehalaya. She was trained and groomed for being a team player by our Secretary, Rajiv Gujar, Anil Gawade and Snehalaya UK CEO, Joyce. She has been successfully handling the communication and fundraising work for the last 6 years, significantly increasing our corpus and acquiring new funders for most of Snehalaya’s projects.

In May 2022, Priti was promoted to the post of Director – Fundraising & Public Relations with responsibility for various areas including volunteer management and visitor and event management.

“Snehalaya has widened my horizons… It has helped me to gain confidence and take up new challenges every step of the way. Now as well as knowing medicine, Snehalaya has helped me to discover other aspects of my personality.”
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