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Cycle Yatra Inauguration

“To establish peace across the world, it does not need guns, it needs love, faith, service and prayers. Through Sadbhavna Yatra, the young generation will get Shanti-Astra (weapon of peace)."

Dr S N Subbarao

Snehalaya was honoured to have our Sadbhavna Cycle Rally inaugurated by 94-year-old Senior Gandhian Dr S N Subbarao aka Bhaijee on Thursday. Bhaijee was addressing cyclists taking part in our India-Bangladesh Sadbhavna Cycle Yatra preparation camp at our Snehankur Project, ahead of their departure from Ahmednagar Fort on Saturday 2 October, Gandhi Jayanti.

The camp was arranged to prepare and motivate the cyclists for their 75 day and 3,000km challenge, and the program started with Rabindranath Tagore’s song “Ekla Chalo Re” performed by Anamprem’s Prakashgan Orchestra. Snehalaya founder, Dr Girish Kulkarni, then explained the motivations behind the rally through five Indian states to Bangladesh.

Dr Subbarao really inspired the nearly 100 young rally participants through his stories and songs such as ‘Naujawan Aao Re… Naujawan Gao Re… Is Desh Ko Naya Banao Re’ and ‘Ek Dulara… Desh Dulara - Pyara Hindustan’. Bhaijee’s words that India’s 68 crore naujawan (youngsters) is the real strength, future and honour of the nation is one of the reasons Snehalaya organises activities like this to expose them to social issues. He also stressed that: “India’s national power is in diversity. Foods, languages, attire are different. No other country has such diversity. We have a great heritage of spirituality. When science surrenders, spirituality helps. Instead of spending billions on weapons, spreading goodwill will solve many problems.”

Colonel Pankaj Sahani from NCC 57th Maharashtra Battalion was also in attendance adding how this cycle rally will change the lives of the young men and women taking part. As he says: “While pedaling through different regions interacting with their peoples and cultures, your attitude (towards life) will change. It's great fortune that you have the opportunity to participate in this journey.

You can read more about and follow the progress of the cycle rally here:

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