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Sadbhavana Bicycle Yatra

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

The Sadbhavana Bicycle Yatra (Goodwill Bicycle Rally) aims to raise awareness about the contributions, thoughts and the ideas of nation-building both fathers of India and Bangladesh, Gandhi and Bangbandhu inspire, while also celebrating the 75th and 50th anniversaries of the Independence of the countries. The 2,070km bicycle ride will start in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra and end in Noakhali, Bangladesh, where in 1946, Gandhi spent four months on his mission to restore peace and communal harmony.

Considering the growing social divisions and hatreds of present times, our youth cyclists will follow in Gandhi’s footsteps, encouraging goodwill to bridge the hearts of people from all the regions and states they pass through and experiencing their different geographies, religions, traditions, languages, social customs and values. They will also learn about the great history, social progress and culture of Bangladesh while instilling values such as nationalism, democracy, secularism, non-violence, equality and humanity along the way. Messages from the freedom movements of India and Bangladesh will also be shared with the younger generations in both countries. This will be done through street plays, songs of social harmony, selected bhajans, distribution of literature and displays of cultural values

Snehalaya is committed to sharing best practice and our experiences of developing projects that empower women and children. Many of our former youth volunteers have been inspired and supported by us to create their own social initiatives. By talking with youths, students, rural women, farmers, slum dwellers, tribal communities including Dalit and nomads and other minorities, cyclists will enjoy a unique experience and gain real insights into the real, on-the-ground issues affecting people in tough circumstances. Our hope is they too will be inspired to be the change they wish to see.

Our Sadabhavana Bicycle Yatra will start on 2 October (The birthday of Mahatma Gandhi) from the historical Ahmednagar Fort in Maharashtra. Cyclists will stay in temples, mosques, gurdwaras and a range of social institutions during their expedition, which will provide a greater understanding of secular values. The plan is to reach Bangabandhu Memorial Museum in Dhaka, Bangladesh by the last week of November after which we will continue to Noakhali where rally will be formally ended.

Cyclists are invited to apply to fill in this form to take part:

Final selections will be made after an interview.

Support the cause

We cannot take on a challenge like this without your support. We are inviting our supporters to join with us to:

  • Be philanthropic partners

  • Introduce us to like-minded citizens along the route of the rally in India and Bangladesh

  • Host the rally in your town. Appeal to local youths, sportspersons and others to join the rally on their bicycles for a few kilometres to express their solidarity towards the cause.

  • Organise small events of social harmony in your City/Town/Village.

  • Arrange performances for participants of the rally to present group songs of social unity and harmony or five-minute street plays to spread awareness.

  • Sponsor various activities and expenses of the rally. We need financial support to purchase cycles, for fuel expenses, for food expenses, for printing literature for free distribution.


Bank Account Details: Bank: HDFC Bank Branch: Market Yard, Ahmednagar Account Number: 01811000053339 Account Type: Savings Name of Account: SNEHALAYA (Cheques to be made payable to) MICR Number: 414240002 RTGS/IFSC: HDFC0000181

Detailed budget and more information are available on request from

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