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Updated: Nov 18, 2022

"To be an artist is to believe in life"

For 14-year-old, Komal a disability has not stopper her from pursuing her love for arts. Komal, who is deaf and currently pursuing her studies in 10th std is the best painter. This youngster has many colorful plans lined up for her future.

Komal was born and brought up in Ahmednagar's Sanjay Nagar slum and lives in terrible conditions. Her father is an addict and her mother supports the her four children by doing housework. Komal and her younger brother have not been able to speak since birth.

Komal came to our Balbhavan when she was in 3rd std and has successfully progressed from our Chandra study group to our Scholarship group. Our Balbhavan team have supported her education by making frequent visits to her school and home making sur she strated attending classes regularly.

Being a deaf child, she faced many problems but with our help, Komal has been studying at Jankibai Apte for the Education of the Deaf in Ahmednagar, where the principal, teacher and staffs at the school were highly encouraging and lending a helping hand to Komal. Despite all the obstacles, Komal enjoys going to school where she decided to pursue her true love, art!

She has always loved expressing herself through art, and has been paintings and drawing since childhood. Our Balbhavan has developed her artistic talents by encouraging her to participate in different activities and she has won many prizes at Balbhavan & school. She wants to take art up as a profession and is determined to become a 'good painter'.

Recently she painted an 'Aharvad' tree at our Balbhavan in the memory of people from her community who have passed away. Komal is living proof that it is essential to accept your child's disability. During the first few years, we faced numerous struggles with her but when we look at what she has become now, all the efforts were worthwhile.

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