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The cure of education

Balbhavan makes Najaf's dreams a reality...

In 2006, Snehalaya established our Malala Balbhavan, an institution dedicated to addressing various social issues in Mukundnagar, a Muslim majority area in Ahmednagar, tackling out-of-school children, child labor, child marriage and more.

In 2009, Najaf, aged five, joined our Balbhavan. Despite the challenging circumstances at home, the immense love and hope of his parents ensured that he would pursue higher education and uplift the family's socio-economic status. Najaf quickly became a favorite and ideal student with all his teachers.

His determination was evident as he dove into his studies, with an eagerness to learn new things, different approaches to thinking and his unwavering conviction to see everything through. He actively participated in science exhibitions, sports competitions, dramas, cultural programs and many more activities organised by our Balbhavan team. In 2018, Najaf's hard work was rewarded with marks of 66% in his 10th grade exams.

From a young age, his dream had always been to provide medical services to the needy at affordable rates. In 2020, our Balbhavan helped him secure admission to Chand Sultan College in the science stream and again his hard work paid off with a score of 63% in 12th grade which secured him a scholarship from the Bhatewada Foundation to enter Paulbudhe D-Pharmacy College in 2021.

With the same determination he displayed at school, he scored 88% in his first year and 80% in his second. He also gained valuable experience working in medical stores through internships at Sanjari, National, Hashmi Pharmacy and others. Today, with support from bank loans and his parents, he has established his own medical store - 'Al Rehmat Medicals,' right in front of our Malala Balbhavan. The store was inaugurated by Najaf's favorite teacher, Hanif Shaikh with all members of our Balbhavan team proudly there to wish him well.

Najaf said: "I will continue to contribute to society and provide educational assistance to Balbhavan every year, just like the Balbhavan did for me."

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