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Competitive Exam Center

Along with the start of the new year, Snehalaya also welcomed a new project!

Snehalaya and the Hire family from Mehkari village have opened the Competitive Examinations Guidance Centre at Mehkari to provide guidance to students competing in different examinations including those conducted by MPSC, UPSC, and other competitive examinations. The Centre endeavors:

  1. To spread awareness about competitive examinations among the students (living in rural, remote, and hilly areas) and to create and sustain their interest in the respective fields.

  2. To introduce the students to the nature of different competitive examinations, their syllabi, various advertisements, the structure of examinations, etc.

  3. To provide the basic knowledge of necessary preparations like pre-examination preparation, post-examination preparation, basic preparations for the interview skills, etc.

  4. To provide guidance and motivational lectures for students.

  5. To provide quality materials in the form of books, magazines, newspapers, the internet, etc.

  6. To provide a peaceful environment in a natural setting.

  7. To introduce them to various government and private jobs recruited through competitive examinations.

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