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Snehalaya shelters the children of sex workers from an early age with the ambition of providing them a quality education that will ensure they find a future away from the red light areas. We also support children living with HIV, some of whom are orphans, encouraging them to look to the future with hope and ambition.

Children growing up in families receive guidance and support when choosing their education streams and future careers. We encourage our children to consider what they love to do and are good at to help them do the same. Each year, following the release of 10 and 12 std exam results, we call students to consider and present their next steps to our Education Committee, which supports them as they progress to the next stages of their lives. For some, it is a continuation of their studies at college or university, for others it is vocational training or finding employment. Whatever their choice, we work with the young adults to ensure they make a realistic and relevant decision.

Last year, Chhagan and Vijay came to the committee having passed their 10 standard exams. Both had a really keen interest in photography, fueled by their caregiver who encourages our boys’ to join him in taking wildlife photos. They presented their cases and passion for the subject to the committee who took the decision to explore their options, finding a local college with a suitable course in photography and animation. One year later both boys have graduated with flying colours and a valuable skillset.

The boys were excited to start building their careers. Our trustee, Shashikant Satbhai introduced Sunil Gugle, a photography expert, to the boys. He assessed both their theoretical and practical skills and knowledge, agreeing to continue the boys' training. However, to do this, the boys would need access to a camera which they now have thanks to Sunil and the generous support of the Rotary Club of Pune, who gave both boys their own Canon cameras. We are encouraging them to practice as much as possible by attending and photographing our events. Sunil is committed to helping the boys find success saying: “The more you progress, the more I will try to give you the tools you need. In return I am asking you both to make a name for yourselves as photographers in Ahmednagar District, this would be the best thanks you can give us.”

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