Bring Back Love

In London and wanting to celebrate International Women's Day?

Join us at a photographic exhibition, magazine launch and silent auction.




A Celebration of Women

If you are London based or know people who are,

please come along to our event to bring-back-love..

FOCUS ON INDIA is a one night only photographic exhibition, auction & magazine launch

learning of the progress being made for women’s rights in India. An exhibition that shares our women's stories heartwarming and heartbreaking journeys of resilience, bravery and determination.

Taking place at London's favourite Tried & True Cafe in Putney, come learn about the

groundbreaking, front-line work Snehalaya does to bring Rescue, Rights and Rehabilitation

for women and children affected by the sex industry in rural India.

Come along to an informal informative evening to celebrate the progress being made for equality and women's rights in India and to find out how we can all take more action for change. Take away a copy of our magazine, some amazing artwork and the resolve to take action for a great cause.

Limited space means ticket required via eventbrite

tickets are 'pay-what-you-like' with a suggestion of £10

to go towards the costs of the event.


What is it?

A get together and photographic exhibition with a magazine launch, some great lots in a silent auction, I