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Thank you Rohit!

It’s been an emotional week for Snehalaya as we said farewell to Rohit Pardeshi, Honorary Assistant Director and right-hand man to our founder Girish Kulkarni for the past 10 years. With the start of the new year, Rohit took up his new government post at Ahmednagar Court and our loss is definitely their gain. We couldn’t let him leave without thanking him and paying homage to the dedicated and unparalleled service he has given to our organisation.

In a small send-off ceremony, we recalled Rohit’s active involvement in the work in Ahmednagar’s Ramvadi Slums, our Yuva Nirman project, which has been a guiding light to so many youths, and his leadership of the youth wing of Anna Hazare’s Lokpal Movement. Several of his colleagues shared their own personal stories and memories of working with Rohit expressing how he had consistently shared his own skills mentoring them in communications, marketing, administration and project management. They also acknowledged his contribution in the publishing of various articles and books about our work, which is beyond comparison and his cheerful, fun and calm nature.

After completing his masters, Rohit’s parents, Mrs Jyoti and Mr Sitaram Pardeshi, understood that he wanted to dedicate his time to working with Snehalaya before settling down into the more routine commitments of life such as a well-paid government job and marriage, therefore we also wanted to honour their continued support of their son and Snehalaya at the same time.

Speaking on behalf of Snehalaya UK, Trustee Joyce Connolly said: “The growing economic and social inequality throughout the world is leading to an alarming increase in the number of underprivileged and deprived people. This is a grave attack on humanity and human civilization. It is the passionate and diverse work of Snehalaya that attracts people like myself to come to Ahmednagar to work with the NGO. But it also the selfless work and passion of people like Rohit who are dedicating their time to social work to achieve these collective goals that have inspired me to do the same.”

Thanking his colleagues for their kind words, Rohit explained how Snehalaya had helped him to understand various social issues through a different perspective, adding that he will always remain loyal to Snehalaya’s principles and will continue to help the neediest in society through his work in the public sector.

Thank you, Rohit, for your dedicated work for Snehalaya, we will miss you and wish you all the best in your new role.

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