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Working in harmony

One of our missions is to improve society by working with and mentoring sister and local organisations to help them develop, grow, improve and became self-sustainable.

One such organisation is Vidyarti Sahayak Samiti (Society to Help Poor Children through Education) based in Srigonda, Ahmednagar District. It works with the children from nomadic communities whose families are criminals and/or are in prison, giving them a stable home and working with them to break the cycle of crime through education. The society has outgrown their current premises and fortunately have been donated an area of land where they are developing a new center. In December, we attended their ground-breaking ceremony with our supporter Anna Hazare and helped them raise much-needed funds by inviting the Swaranandwan orchestra to perform in Karjat and Srigonda.

The orchestra is part of internationally known human rights activist Baba Amte’s brainchild, Anandwan, which we have enjoyed a mutually beneficial partnership with for several years now. The orchestra is amde up of over 200 talented leprosy patients and physically-challenged residents who showcase their skills through a musical extravaganza including popular Marathi and Hindi songs, Assamese bamboo dance, tribal dance, mimicry, folk dances and much more. The troupe played to packed audiences raising a large amount for the construction of the center whilst also providing inspiration by demonstrating how they refuse to let their own disabilities limit them.

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