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Social impact

On 30 November we were invited to attend annual Social Impact Awards 2016 in collaboration with Cummins India Ltd, at SP Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR).

The awards bring together students and non-profits to recognise projects and stories born out of the rural internship programme run as a part of the pioneering Development of Corporate Citizenship (DoCC) initiative.

SPJIMR students work with an NGO for six weeks after which their projects are evaluated with the top five honoured at the awards. we were honoured to have been chosen as one of the NGOs by Ashutosh Bhujabala and Atmaja whose wok with our Snehadhar (womens' shelter) project was one of five finalists. The top award was won by Eco-Ad for innovative high-strength paper bags to replace thin plastic bags. We were very pleased to be presented with an award to ‘Recognize and Honor excellence in the Social Sector’.

Explaining why the awards are important, SPJIMR Dean Dr. Ranjan Banerjee said: “Students of premier business schools need to be aware of their country in totality … because the future companies they will work in, the growth of their companies will be dependent on sustainable development of other India. Too often in our B-Schools we are churning out graduates who have never seen a village. I believe that by just that exposure you are starting to change the things.”

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