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Snehalaya featured in the first ever episode of TV hit, Satyamev Jayate. The core team of the TV show now runs Paani Foundation in order to help make Maharashtra drought-free. 


Snehalaya has come forward to help the villages that are taking part in the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup 2019 competition that Paani Foundation is organising. If, like us, you would like to contribute to this people’s movement, you can do so via a donation. 

About Paani Foundation

Offering training in scientific watershed management, leadership and community-building, Paani Foundation is now working in roughly 90% of drought-hit Maharashtra. Its flagship project, the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup was instituted in 2016 as a way to encourage villages to apply their training in watershed management. The Water Cup is essentially a competition between different villages to see who can do the maximum work for water conservation in the period of the competition.

The work carried out during the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup 2018 has resulted in an annual water harvesting capacity of 22,269 crore litres, approximately valued at ₹4,454 crores. During the six weeks of the competition, an average of 1,50,000 people offered Shramdaan (voluntary labour to build watershed structures), daily. Watch a short video about this here.

About Satyamev Jayate Water Cup 2019

This year, 7,207 villages across Marathwada, Vidarbha, Western Maharashtra and North Maharashtra have applied to take part in the Water Cup that will be held from 8 April to 22 May. A list of the 76 talukas taking part in the competition is here.

While Paani Foundation does not directly fund villages in cash or kind, villages taking part in the Water Cup do require assistance in the form of earth moving machines in order to do de-silting work and build structures like contour trenches, farm ponds, compartment bunds, etc. 

How Snehalaya is Helping

This year, Snehalaya will provide JCB/Poclain machines to villages from the funds that it is able to raise for this purpose. The number of villages that will receive these machines will depend on the extent to which funds are raised for this purpose. The cost of supporting one village’s Water Cup efforts is around Rs one lakh.

Mission Water

Inspired by the Water Cup, Snehalaya is currently working to address the sever drought affecting our own local community to make it water abundant, you can read more here...

"Snehalaya is an inspirational, pathfinding place in India"

- Aamir Khan

"Snehalaya has been working with the symptoms of the disease for many years, now Paani Foundation is giving us the opportunity to work on a large scale cure"

- Girish Kulkarni
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