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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Paani Foundation accept donations directly?

Paani Foundation is fully funded and does not accept individual contributions.

What is Snehalaya?  

Snehalaya is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) based in Ahmednagar. It has since 1991 been doing stellar work on women empowerment, child welfare and agriculture and has been involved with the Water Cup since its outset. 

Why has Paani Foundation tied up with Snehalaya?

Paani Foundation's mandate is to use communication to create a people's movement to fight drought. Paani Foundation does not directly fund villages in cash or kind. However, villages do require assistance in the form of machines. This year, Snehalaya has come forward to offer help in the form of earth moving machines to villages that take the lead in shramdaan (voluntary manual work) in the Water Cup. Those who want to support this massive effort can donate by clicking here.

Why are machines necessary for watershed management work?

While many structures for localised watershed management can be built with manual labour, machines greatly improve the speed, scale and efficacy of this work.

Will Snehalaya offer machine help to all villages?

No. Snehalaya will offer machine help only to those villages that complete a minimum threshold amount of work (20 marks) in the competition. The number of villages receiving this help will depend on the funds that Snehalaya is able to mobilise for this purpose. The greater the sum raised through donations, the larger the number of villages that will receive help through machines.

If the number of villages that are eligible for machine support is larger than the number that can be supported through the donations made for this purpose, how will Snehalaya select the villages that will receive machines?

Snehalaya will select the villages by lots so that every eligible village has an equal chance of getting machine support. 

Can I specify that my money should be used only for a particular village, taluka or district?


Can I get a refund on my donation?

As a charitable, non-profit organisation, Snehalaya is unable to refund donations.

Can a foreign contribution be made to Snehalaya?

Yes, but only if you donate to its FCRA account. You will need to specify that the donation is for the Water Cup villages, and send an email to informing them about your donation.

Can I get tax exemption under Section 80G for my donation?

Indian tax payers are entitled to 80G Income Tax exemption on 50% of donations. If you want to obtain a receipt for tax exemption, please email with the following information:

1) Full name, address, email ID and telephone number
2) PAN number
3) Amount of donation


Donors paying in foreign currency who wish for a tax receipt should email with the following information:

1) Full Name, Address, Email ID and Telephone Number

2) Amount of Donation

Please write 'Donation for Water Cup Villages' in the subject line of emails.

Can I donate to an organisation other than Snehalaya through Paani Foundation?


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