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For the first time since 1972 both the large water reservoirs which supply water in Isalak-Nimblak villages in Ahmednagar tehsil, where many of our projects are based, are completely dry. This is having serious consequences on the health, hygiene and economy of our local community, the availability of drinking water, cattle and dairy businesses and crops.


How we help


With the support of the community, Paani Foundation’s Ahmednagar’s tehsil team and Kaustubh Amte’s Anandwan Progressive Alliance for Community Action programmes we have helped to design a solution. After inspecting the land, the assembled geologists and water conservationists suggested removing the silt from both the reservoirs to deepen them so they can accumulate larger quantities of rain water.

Over 25 days, before the onset of monsoon, poclain and dumpers are busy removing and spreading the silt over the dry and arid land in and around the villages to make it more fertile and 30,000 trees are being planted ahead of the approaching rainy season, to increase the rain coverage and reduce summer temperatures.


Who we help

Ensuring a reliable water supply to our projects and local community will help prevent poverty, destitution and the exploitation of women and children who may otherwise be abandoned by their families migrating to the city or committing suicide.

How you can help


Major work will be done by machinery like poclain and dumpers which Snehalaya and the villagers are fund raising for and tree planting, road construction and other works will be done through collective labour. However we still need to raise Rs 90,00,000 as the cost of 1 dumper trip to remove the soil is Rs 1,000 (a total of 7,000 dumper journeys are required) and two Poclains, costing Rs 40,000 per day each, are working day and night to excavate the silt.

You can show your support by calling Dr Girish Kulkarni on 9011020173 or Mr Sunil More on 9975765629.

Less than 7%

of farmers own the land they work on


of the village population is under 6 years of age


population of Nimblak

paani foundation

In 2019, we partnered with Paani Foundation, on the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup which encourages villages to apply their training in watershed management. 

"Snehalaya has been working with the symptoms of the disease for many years, now Paani Foundation is giving us the opportunity to work on a large scale cure"

- Girish Kulkarni

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