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Despite the fact that for many of our children we provide the only family they have ever known, we are only licenced by the government to look after them until they reach age 18 when they are considered to be adults. While we aim to place as many as possible in college, back with their relatives or in suitable employment with accommodation provided, for many this is not an option.

How we help

Our aftercare group homes provide a bridge to living in dependently once they reach 18. We continue to support them as they continue their education, vocational training or are employed by our organisation or local employers. Live in independent living mentors provide guidance and support as the youngsters learn how to become independent adults.


Who we help


We aim to provide an environment and 'safety net' to enable all of our former Rehabilitation Center beneficiaries to achieve independence once they reach 18.



How you can help

Help us to ensure all of our young people safely and successfully adjust to the responsibilities of independent living.

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Girish Kulkarni

The founder of Snehalaya, whose dedication to fighting injustice has seen Snehalaya, and the Rehab Center become the beating heart of care it is today. 

It is not enough to talk about what you're going to do, when you see a problem, when you see injustice, you must act
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