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Adoption Centre

It’s unknown exactly how many babies are abandoned each year in India, with some sources reporting up to 11 million children,  but it is known that over 90% of them are girls. Babies are abandoned for many reasons: victims of rape or unmarried mothers fearing recriminations, being unable to financially support a child or simply not wanting another girl in the family.



How we help?


Many babies are left at our centre, and our ChildLine team and volunteers also bring us babies found abandoned in public places, sadly sometimes they are found too late. Many of the infants who survive are very fragile and/or premature and require hospitalisation and intensive care. Fortunately, most survive and we start the process of searching for their family and if found counsel them on the next steps.


Our adoption process finds loving families for those unwanted and we’re with them every step of the way ensuring a safe and smooth transition to their new home.



Who we help?


Since we opened our doors in 2004 we have successfully rescued and saved the lives of over 1,500 babies, adopting them under a government-approved and accredited process. We have also played a key role in consulting on the government’s proposed new adoption guidelines.



How you can help?


Help us to ensure no baby is left abandoned and unloved. We are currently building a new 50-bed adoption centre with improved neo- and post-natal facilities and space for unmarried mothers to give birth in safety.


Donate now to ensure this much-needed facility opens before it’s too late for another scared, pregnant girl and her baby.


latest news

All of our adoptions are conducted under the relevant government bodies and legislation. If you are interested in adopting then please visit the Central Adoption Resource Authority website.

We work hard to see that babies we rescue find loving families and that more is done to reduce the rate of female infanticide. 

Prajakta Kulkarni

Prajakta oversees our adoption center and has fought hard to make sure abandoned newborns are nurtured back to health and given a second chance. 

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