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Thank You!


Without you our Home of Love would cease to exist.


We value our staff and our clients dearly, many arrive as beneficaries and in time stay on as staff.  To all our team, whatever brought and keeps you here - you are our heritage and our foundation, you have been here generation on generation. 


Our mentors, collaborators and partners give us inspiration and guidance to assess our progress and grow and develop together side by side.


Our supporters and donors, what you provide in all your passionate forms, keeps us going.  You are our extended family members watching over us.  


There are so many more with us, too many to mention forming the branches and leaves of our rich family tree. Through the seasons and the years thank you for helping us grow from a sapling to the great banyan tree India needs.


Together we are a family and when we join hands and each play our part, we are strong and united.  We are Snehalaya - the Home of Love.


Acknowledgments to...

  • Padmbhushan Anna Hajare, Veteran Gandhian, India

  • Dr. Annikoos and Bastian Dupre, The Netherlands

  • MBL Bhargava, Letz Dream Foundation, India

  • Shree Nimeshbhai Shah, Mumbai

  • Mr. Popatrao Pawar, Hiware Bazar

  • Ms. Preeti and Pravin Patkar, Prerana, Mumbai

  • Dr. S. N. Subbarao, Bhartseva


Some Awards..


For outstanding and innovative contribution to women's welfare and empowerment for over two decades. Presented by the President of India


Niskam Karmyogi Purskar - Nov 2012

For constant and extensive work in Ahmednagar's red light areas serving the needs of women enslaved and trafficked into commercial sex industries, and the needs of their children. 


Real Hero Award - 2012

Mumbai for women empowerment presented by The Reliance foundation


Praj Mahaentrepreneur Award - 2011

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