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"Every child & woman has the right to lead a life, free from discrimination, inequality and exploitation. This is the key to our nation building" - Dr Girish Kulkarni

Snehalaya's mission is to develop awareness & capability in those members of the society who have been deprived of their rights because of the inequality and exploitation. Supporting over 400 homeless destitute children in residential homes, providing shelter and vocational training to more than 60 women in distress, educating over 900 children in slum based Bal bhavans, empowering and rehabilitating over 2100 commercial sex workers to lead a better life, providing medical treatment for over 6000 HIV +ve men and women every year, managing a 24x7 Childline and rescue operations, regularly saving children and women from abuse, facilitating adoption and placement of hundreds of infants into good families - Snehalaya is a place of vibrant activities that is making a positive difference to peoples' lives and the society every single day.

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Snehankur is a professionally managed, licensed adoption center.  Since 2005, hundreds of children have been rescued, rehabilitated and placed in good homes.The center is managed by a  qualified team of social workers, child care specialists, consulting pediatricians, legal advisors, family counsellors and co-ordinators.

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1098 is a phone number that spells hope for millions of children across India. CHILDLINE is India's 24-hour, free, emergency phone service for children in need of aid and assistance. Snehalaya's helpline is integrated with national childline network and supported by Ministry for Women & Child Development, UNICEF and Department of Telecommunications. On an average, 250 children in distress from Ahmednagar and surrounding areas call our helpline every day.

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Upcoming Projects

Hospital Expansion

Snehalaya is running a community care and support centre for hundreds of HIV positive patients. The current 20 bedded hospital in our community care center is overflowing. We are unable to extend admissions beyond 5 days for most inmates.  Moreover, it is not well constructed and ventilated and does not have separate toilets. Hence, we are looking to build a 100  bedded hospital which will include separate isolation wards where infectious patients also can be cared for.


Vocational Training Center

Typically, most shelter homes and NGOs release their inmates when they attain 16-18 years of age. The destitute children most of the times do not find employment easily, and run a great risk of getting involvled with anti social elements. Snehalaya is presently offering tailoring courses for victim women, in our own premises in rehabilitation centre. We plan to create a vocational training institute to offer courses such  as screen printing, greeting card making, beauty care, etc


Library For Bal Bhavans 

Bal bhavan, a very successful project, primarily focused on providing education and improving health conditions of the children living in the slums, in and around Ahmednagar. We have a proposal to start library facilities in all the five Bal bhavans in the city.  We are also looking to equip these libraries with 12 computer machines and also provide internet connection to help the children advance their knowledge.