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Tamasha is a hugely popular traditional Maharashtran theatre with singing and dancing performed by local theatre groups. Jamkhed in Ahmednagar District is one area known for this art form and when the curtain falls, the crowds flocking to the nightly performances are increasingly demanding after-show entertainment in the form of sex workers.


How & who we help


We have been working within the area to build the trust of this vulnerable and closed community. We have over 400 beneficiaries currently registered with us accessing free condoms, sexual health clinics and testing, and other support services while also working with us to prevent underage prostitution. We are also hoping that our educational outreach and rehabilitation will reduce the number of women involved and ultimately bring an end to prostitution associated with Tamasha theatre.


How you can help


With your support, we can continue to develop our relationship with this community and help to keep the sex workers safe. 


latest news


It is unjustifiable that there are so many people forced to work on the streets, to put their lives at risk, to earn money. We offer a safety net to all and continue to work with them to find them a better future

Pravin Mutyal

Pravin is our Assistant Director of Healthcare. He oversees the work done by our peer educators and Snehjyot, the care delivered by our hospital, and outreach programs to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS.

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