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Snehalaya uk

Over the last few years Snehalaya India has grown to meet the need of new beneficiaries in Pune and Mumbai, with a number of locations across India also seeking to implement model programmes like ours. Snehalaya UK was set up to provide support the vital work that Snehalaya India does to protect, advocate for and rehabilitate vulnerable members of its local community. 


How we help


The UK office was opened in 2014 and is staffed by volunteers. It's objectives are to:


  • Raise funds for communities in most need, specifically women and children affected by HIV, gender-based violence and the Sex Trade.


  • Build and maintain an advisory body of experts and professionals who provide training, support, advice and mentoring.


  • Support the development and management of volunteering programmes


  • Collaborate with the board and senior management of Snehalaya India to support the strengthening of strategy and governance.


  • Build the capacity of the UK organisation in order to effectively deliver our charitable objectives


Snehalaya UK supports these objectives by raising awareness of Snehalaya's programmes amongst the Indian diaspora here in the UK and wider international community. It does so through public campaigning, hosting fundraising events, and developing partnerships with organisations, and community groups that can help us to deliver better services for longer. 


The two organisations work to develop and grow sustainably and to ensure good governance, so that we can continue to grow to meet the needs of India's most vulnerable populations.


Volunteering and Placement


We offer opportunities to enable people across the UK to become more active in charitable activity, campaigning for causes, and to apply their unique skills to help us problem-solve for the challenges we face.  


Find out more about the placements and opportunities here.



How you can help


We're looking for partners who feel strongly about investing in women and children in India, and improving healthcare and access to services, and education. If you would like to find out more about what we do and how you can get involved contact



In 2015 Snehalaya UK in partnership with Snehalaya India and 8 Indian NGOs ran a month long campaign to raise awareness of violence against women in India, and to raise much needed funds to support programmes that protect and rehabilitate survivors of violence. 

We have continued running #HerVoice in partnership with a number of other organisations across India. Why? In 2017, a woman was gang-raped before being beaten to death. Only a few weeks later another woman was gang-raped and her baby daughter was murdered. 


The number serious sexual offences, dowry deaths, acid attacks and missing women and girls are on the rise, we need to put a stop to it. Show your support for #HerVoice and let's work together to end the violence. 


Joyce Connolly

CEO of Snehalaya UK, Joyce has been connected with the organisation since 2011 when she started leading groups of student volunteers visiting our Indian projects. She moved to India to help with organisational development in 2016 and is still there. With one leg in the UK and the other in India, she connects the work of the two teams and boards with a focus on communications, fundraising and volunteer management.

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