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Youth camp applications open

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Twice a year we welcome the next generation of social workers and activists to attend a three- to the four-day conference to learn more about our work and discuss social issues. High-profile guest speakers, such as Anna Hazare, inspire and debate their work with attendees covering subjects as diverse as human rights law, violence against women, child protection, and the power of social media.

The program not only raises important issues in our wider community, it also encourages social work as a subject and as a vocation. Taking into account the differences between the various social groups in the country, the growing violence, and social discontent, and the urgency of the youth to carry the message of goodwill to the grassroots in all these situations, 2022's youth 'Sadbhavana' residential camp will take place 22 to 26 January in Snehalaya's premises at Islak Village, Nimblak, Ahmednagar. Given the current COVID situation places are limited so please apply as early as possible before 16 January 2022 via

Campers should be aged 17 to 27 years and will enjoy an unforgettable four days while developing skills in:

  • Shramdan

  • Leadership

  • Time management

  • Teamwork

  • Sustainable agriculture

  • Understanding the work of Snehalaya Social Organization

  • Information on Snehalaya's diverse projects

  • Appropriate guidance and encouragement to new social workers.

  • Dialogue with dignitaries at the grassroots level.

For more information contact- Camp Coordinator, Yogesh Gawli: 8080378807, 7770027505, 8421803864, 9011026472, 9823989592.

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