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Winter camp

OUr annual winter camp is an ideal opportunity to develop our Balbhavan children's skills as they engage in different sporting and play activities with each other. Their self-confidence is boosted by working and interacting with other kids and having the chance to learn how to play new games.

Nowadays, nothing is more frustrating than a parent losing their kids to technology like iPads, iPhones, and the like. But when they go outside to play, they seem to forget about these devices. They rediscover how to simply play and engage in real-world activities.

Snehalaya's eight Balbhavan centers have a slightly less rigid structure than schools, and participating in the camp gives our children a sense of accomplishment each day, all while they are having fun! Our Uttkarsha, Dr Kalam, Dr Halbe, Dr.Ambedkar, Kshitij, Paris, Urja, and Malala Balbhavans aim to develop the hidden skills of our students. while fuelling their passion for education.

During Diwali vacations, sessions included Paripath, Pranayama, yoga, life skills, the basic concepts of studies, sports, news, special day celebrations, and other extracurricular activities.

A color and direction concept included project work, collecting information about trees and leaves, painting competitions, fashion shows, garden visits, and watching the Marathi Film, Bhatukalicha Khel. A total of 560 children participated and enjoyed the camp.

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