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Diwali delights

"Women should take vocational training and become independent"
Sudhakar V Yarlgadda, District & Sessions Judge, Ahmednagar

The central government has provided many opportunities for women by implementing a range of government schemes. We encourage as many women as possible to take advantage of these initiatives and schemes.

To support this, an exhibition of handicrafts was organised at Ahmednagar District Court, in association with our District Legal Services Authority. Assuring that the district court would work to solve women's problems, Bhagyashree Patil announced that workshops on women's empowerment and legal knowledge would be organised.

Beautiful Diwali decorations, including lamps, sky lanterns, greeting cards and ready-made rangolis of pearl beads, made by our Snehadhar and Rehabilitation Center projects were on sale with many of the assembled dignitaries buying their materials. Honorable Mr Sudhakar V Yarlgadda acknowledged the women and girls' efforts and wished them a bright future while Patil Madam assured our daughters of continued support from the District Legal Authority.

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