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Teenage temptations

In August, a panicked and scared woman rushed into our Childline office. Our team calmed her down, and feeling a bit better, she explained the reason for her urgency. She explained that her daughter had left the house without informing anyone. She had been frequently bunking her classes and school and had been bringing a lot of expensive items, such as mobiles, sarees, dresses, food, etc, home. The woman suspected her daughter was being influenced by someone else to do wrong. She pleaded with the Childline team to save her daughter from her friend's sister's husband, who she suspected was behind this situation.

After taking detailed information about the girl our team promised to help. Fortunately, the girl returned home and her mother brought her to Childline the very next day. After a long discussion with her, it was revealed that she had been having an affair with a boy who her mother had lodged a complaint against, leading to his arrest and the girl holding a grudge against her mother.

Our Childline team held a few counselling sessions with the mother and daughter to resolve the issue. It was also further revealed that her mother's doubts about the friend's sister's husband were correct and he had been luring her with expensive gifts. Fortunately, there had been no sexual advances made towards her and the team also explained about the consequences of such situations with her. After multiple sessions, the girl was convinced and has been regularly attending school now all issues with her mother have been resolved.

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