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StepUp steps in again with COVID vaccinations

Since the start of the COVID pandemic StepUp Foundation, based in Mumbai, has been providing invaluable support to help us manage the pandemic. Longtime supporters of our work, they were one of the first to stand with us to provide much-needed emergency relief through our Mission Rahat programs for daily-wage and migrant workers.

As the government-led vaccination drive slowly moves across the country, there remains a sizeable population from marginalized and neglected communities who have yet to receive their first dose. We have been trying our best to vaccinate our frontline workers and beneficiary community through the Government scheme but we were in urgent need of a supporter who could sponsor private vaccinations to protect our sex workers and transgender communities as soon as possible.

Again StepUp Foundation was there, agreeing to fund the first doses for 160 of our beneficiaries. We started with group counselling sessions about the importance of getting vaccinated, possible side effects and why completing both doses was so important. We also answered all of their queries, misconceptions and concerns regarding the vaccination leaving no doubts in their mind on its importance. All 160 sex workers and transgenders were registered on the COWIN App before attending special vaccination sessions at Swasthya Hospital, Ahmednagar and New Life Care Hospital, Srirampur.

We are grateful to hospital staff and StepUp for providing us with these potentially life-saving vaccinations and helping us to share the importance of getting both the doses in some of our highest risk communities.

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