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Rehab Reunion

Students should maintain a sense of belonging
Dr Girish Kulkarni

Each year we welcome the past beneficiaries of our Rehab Center to come home to their 'family' to celebrate Diwali at our Sneh Melava. Speaking at this year's reunion, our Founder, Dr Girish Kulkarni said: "Snehalaya has always worked for the children of underprivileged and marginalized sections. Never forget your Snehalaya days, because it shows how hard you have worked. Although, we can face many challenges, a person is always wise by following three things. The first is by reading books, second is through experience and the third is by associating with good people. We should always be with people in good company." He also asserted that our former students should maintain mutual respect for their art, qualities and skills and appealed to them to expand the work of Snehalaya in their new home areas.

Snehalaya Secretary, Rajeev Gujjar, added that our former beneficiaries are descendants of Snehalaya, and they should think collectively to make change and keep us up to date with how they are faring in their lives as we will always be with them.

Director of our shelter projects, Pravin Mutyal encouraged the students to complete their education and advised of our Vidya Sahyog Yojana scholarship program which is open to them all. Student representative, Santosh Dharmadhikari, encouraged the students to stay connected with each other and contribute at least one day a month working in Snehalaya.

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