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Makar sankrati

Makar Sankrati was celebrated across our projects. Our Childline team visited our Balbhavan and other areas of Ahmednagar to raise awareness of Childline 1098, the meaning of the festival and to distribute food, Tilgul, kites and reels. Our team advised children against using nylon threads to fly kites, as they are dangerous for birds, animals, humans and the environment. They also advised not to run after their kites on the road. With safety messages delivered it was then time for the team to enjoy flying the kites with the children.

Our Snehadhar team also held an outreach event. 'Makar Sankranti Kunkwa Palikadchi' was organised in the city area to promote equal respect among children and women and information and leaflets about our Snehadhar project was given. Specially printed kites with our Snehadhar Mahila Helpline number (9011363600) were flown by the assembled women in the Siddarth Nagar area of the city.

Our Rehab Center children weren't left out with donated kits fluttering across our campuses.

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