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Hidden Hero

It was 2013 when Ganesh, having just completed his education in Pune, settled in Ahmednagar. Having heard about Snehalaya at Somnath camp he joined our team firstly as a volunteer then as music and drawing teacher in our Snehalaya's English Medium School. This was the first step on his journey from volunteer to employee.

Having already taken some activities with our children during our Youth Camp, the kids were eagerly awaiting his classes and he helped further develop our songbirds, Divya and Sakshi, through special classes. Naturally enthusiastic he has also introduced and run other activities including new games, street plays, music, drawing, etc to our children and other projects..

In 2018, our Krushimitra Project launched in Ahmednagar District with Ganesh playing the important role of group leader. As one of the 'farmers' friends' he is part of a network of outreach workers who reach out, engage with and offer support to our local farming communities. He encourages farmers to work together in practical sessions and group discussions, featuring guest speakers, activities and training on sustainable and effective farming methods, water management and technology in farm production methods.

He also arranges residential courses for farmers at our Agricultural Training Center, exposure field visits to large-scale farms and industries and educational institutions and organizes farmer fairs where communities can come together to share best practices and join or form their own cooperatives.

In recognition to his dedication and impactful work he was awarded Akluj's Best Youth Award.

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