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Renewed vision

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

If there is vision, there will be creation,''
Jalindar Borude, Phoenix Social Foundation President & eye ambassador

At the start of February, we inaugurated the Sumati Phadnis Eye Surgery Department at our Caring Friends Hospital. The department will provide many needy, including senior citizens, with quality eye treatment on their doorstep. Chief Guest, Jalinder Borude, shared how the three most important sensory organs in humans are eyes, teeth and heart. However, due to high treatment costs and the travel required to reach specialist city hospitals, they are often neglected and many live with and ignore the resulting pain.

The center will be run by ophthalmologists Dr Ajita Garud-Shinde and Dr Raosaheb Borude who will give their time for regular examinations, diagnosis, advice and treatment for all types of eye disorders. It is named after Sumati Phadnis, who made valuable contributions in the medical and spiritual fields. His son, Dr Phadnis and his wife have established the Women's Hospital in Pune and also contributed to our new department.

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