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Divya Designs

Meet our latest intern in our fundraising and communications team. Divya has lived at Snehalaya for the past 14 years and has lots of creative interests, including singing and design. Over the past few months she has been learning how to use online platforms to make posters promoting events in our Rehab Center, social media posts and her own logos and promotional materials.

In August and September, she attended online design workshops and took part in a design competition organised by @girlpowertalk which involved a range of tasks, including designing an Instagram layout and story. She did such a good job that we used her design and posts on our Snehalaya UK Instagram account.

See Divya’s Insta layout here:

We hope you agree, Divya has a real talent for design and we are hoping to nurture that as she works alongside our team will give her more skills and experience to support her financially while she continues her education. This year she will be studying in 11 std arts stream and working part-time with Snehalaya and her ultimate goal is to be a social worker.

You can support Divya and her friends to follow their dreams and explore different skills that will help secure their futures by sponsoring their education. Donate before 21 November via Give India and your donation will go a little further as we complete in #100heros with up to 15 Lakh in match-funding available:

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