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Deepstambh Award

Updated: May 8, 2022

We are proud to announce two Snehalaya winners in the Deepastambh Youth Inspiration Awards. Our long-term supporter, Ramakant Tamboli was honored with Lifetime Achievement Award and the late Vishal Ahire was posthumously honored with Deepastambh Youth Inspiration Award.

The awards ceremony, organised by Deepastambh Foundation, Jalgaon, was held on 24 April in the presence of Vinayji Sahasrabuddhe, President of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Government of India, National Vice President of BJP, Sachin Khedekar, Vice-Chancellor, Vijayji Maheshwari, District Collector of Jalgaon and Vice President of Deep Stambh, Dr Rekha Mahajan.

Tamboli Sir, has been contributing to social work for the last 65 years, dedicating his life to establishing a Student Support Committee in Pune, government kindergartens in Baramati, Pandharpur, Snehalaya and our sister organisation, Anamprem. During the 1975 Indian Emergency, Tamboli lost his job and was imprisoned in the struggle for democracy. He is a unique organizer who brings together activists donors, and guides from different organisations to support causes and events.

Vishal, an alumnus of Snehalaya, was an all-rounder and it was bittersweet to accept his award when he is no longer with us but we are proud that his invaluable contributions to our Yuva Nirman project were recognized. He also worked day and night tirelessly for our Indo-Bangladesh Sadbhavana Cycle Yatra and tragically died in a tragic car accident on his return to Ahmednagar, but his legacy lives on as his work provides eternal inspiration to young activists.

When asking Tamboli Sir, who is approaching the age of 90, "How come you are not tired yet?", he responded in his usual mischievous manner: "If there is an endless purpose to life and dreams do not allow you to sleep ... then illness and death do not affect that person."

Following the program, our representatives presented MP Vinayji Sahasrabuddhe, film actor Sachin Khedekar and Dr Rekha Mahajan with our book Pravas Sadbhavanecha.

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