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Committee Empowerment

We are working to create 298 locally-owned homes in Sanjay Nagar area of Ahmednagar. Phase 1 of the project is complete with the remaining phases to be completed within the next few years. The vision is to create an ideal slum where the diverse community lives together in social harmony. Designed with input from the residents who have taken on the economic and social responsibility to take on ownership of the development led by a series of committees made up of residents.

An empowerment workshop for the seven committees of the seven buildings in our Sanjay Nagar Rehabilitation Project was held at Adarsh ​​Village Hivre Bazar and Ralegan Siddhi.

To help create a sense of unity and cooperation in the community, Poptrao Pawar of Adarsh ​​village Hivre Bazar showed how the people are working together for a complete settlement. Committee members also met with village residents who shared their experiences and then were able to visit the surrounding catchment areas.

Next was Ralegan Siddhi for a visit to the museum of Anna Hazare's movement, their training hall, school and Padmavati temple.

All the members were eager to meet Anna who was pleased to see so many enthusiastic members. He spoke with the Sanjay Nagar residents for half an hour, guiding women on how to become entrepreneurs through self-help groups. He shared his view that an ideal village is not made only by painting the walls but by imparting good morals to the children there and he also emphasised the role of youth in an ideal village.

The workshop provided the committee members with valuable insights that they can take back to their own community.

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