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Bheti Lagi Jiva

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

On Saturday 9 July and the occasion of Ashadhi Ekadashi, Swachand Kala Manch presented a Bheti Lagi Jiva program in Mauli Hall, Ahmednagar in support of two of our projects.

Legendary Ahmednagar singers, Pawan Naik, Rituja Pathak, Samdatai Chaudhary, Dr Neeraj Karandikar, Dr Shirish Kulkarni, Dr Prachi Patil and our very own Sakshi Narvade, who received high praise from the professionals, were among the entertainers.

Organised by Dr Jayant Karandikar, the program raised awareness of and funds for our Smriti Manobal De-addiction Center and Sneh Manoyatri center for the rescue of people with mental health issues living on the streets.

The program was a huge success with many doctors, sponsors and the audience learning more about our work and how they can connect with us to use their professional skills and help in our work.

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