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Awareness of education

Every Sunday, our Balbhavan project organizes different activities for Teenager students. The program aims to teach moral values to them and develop their skills for a better life.

Our Balbhavan hosted an educational awareness program for adolescent boys and girls this Sunday. The awareness rally was organized at 7 Balbhavan centers. Students from the slum area dressed as doctors, nurses, lawyers, and engineers participated in the rally.

All parents and people in the area were given an innovative message regarding education that children should be admitted to and sent to school.

The students were given complete information about the importance of education. How much education does today's new generation need? How does education make you aware of your rights and responsibilities? The students explained what place the students will see in their future and their expectations? It was very satisfying to hear this.

In this way, each student joined the rally, interacted with the parents, convinced them of the importance of education, expressed their views on education, and expressed their expectations for the future. The 165 students participated enthusiastically in this program.

The children enjoyed prayers, verses, songs, and stories, in Balbhavan and were pleased and excited to attend the new school.

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