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Anil Gawade

Updated: May 12, 2022

“Anil comes from a rural agrarian background and joined Snehalaya in 2000 as a volunteer when was still a college student. His qualities were tested when he fought a tough battle against child sexual abuse and trafficking in 2005, when he was coordinater of our Childline. He fought this battle for 8 years until the 22 rapists received double life imprisonment.
“His commitment, hard work, daring, decision making and leadership abilities made him a natural leader for Team Snehalaya.”
Dr Girish Kulkarni, Founder, Snehalaya

Anil has a BA Political Science and MSW and until 2022 had the weighty task of overseeing all areas of our work. Studying his degree under our Founder, Girish Kulkarni, he was encouraged and inspired to first join Snehalaya as a volunteer in 2001, taking up a full-time position in our Childline team in 2004. Since then he has been Childline Coordinator (2006-2008), Project Manager of our Rehabilitation Center (2008-2010), Assistant Secretary (2010-2015) and Senior Assistant Director (2015-2022). While working as the Coordinator of Childline in 2006, he handled the scandalous minor sex racket case as a chief witness and complainant. Despite serious threats from the accused, people with influence in our city, he pursued the case to the end, securing 22 double life sentences for the criminals.

​He is founder member and past trustee of our sister organisation, Anamprem, which works for the visually challenged and differently abled. He also co-founded Mahamanav Baba Amte Vikas Seva Samiti, providing education to the Phase pardhi and Dombari (Tribal) community children in Srigonda.

With experience in both management and field work, he is a great listener, administrator, strategist and problem solver. He has overseen and developed all of our projects alongside implementing robust and effective policies and procedures to improve our performance and due diligence. He has also served as a lead auditor for ISO9001/2008.

In May 2022, Anil was promoted to Director – Operations and a member of the Executive Committee and with a more focused and balanced directorship we can’t wait to see how he develops Snehalaya further.

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