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Diwali delights

The 260 children in our center include orphans and semi-orphans therefore it is important that we celebrate Diwali as a family for those children unable to visit with their families at this important time of year. This year, 100 children remained at our Rehab Center so our staff managed and ran a full program of games, activities and competitions to keep our children busy and feeling loved during the holiday. Competitions include drawing, singing, fort making, dormitory decoration and cooking with prizes including outings and treats, and one of the forts was awarded third prize in a city-wide competition.

Other celebrations included traditional Diwali food prepared by our caregivers, Lakshmi Puja, fireworks, lanterns and sky lamp and dining outside with music. Our visiting TISS students also organised a get together with more fireworks, games and dancing.

Building on eight years of celebrating Diwali with Lions Club, our Rehabilitation Center and Balbhavan children joined those from other Ahmednagar shelter homes for a special Diwali celebration. Entertainment included a band, our own children's performances, prize giving and food. The prize giving was awarded to winners of competitions arranged by the club including dance, singing, fort building and drawing all organised as part of our Diwali program.

As the celebrations came to a close we welcomed back members of our extended family, our former Rehabilitation Center beneficiaries back home for a family reunion. Many of those visiting brought their own children back to see where they had grown up and it was lovely to see them, read more here.

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