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#IWD Snehadhar Pune celebrates a great first year

Breast cancer awareness program

Congratulations to our Snehadhar Pune which celebrated its first anniversary on 8 March. Our self-sufficient Pune project was created by Snehalaya’s donors and well-wishers to support vulnerable women and raise awareness of our Ahmednagar projects and has been hugely successful in its first year with many events and activities.

The anniversary celebrations included a ‘Health Minister’ program by the Astha Breast Cancer Support Group helping to spread awareness of breast cancer to more than 100 women and girls. This was followed by fun games and activities.

On March 26, the project inaugurated our annual awards to recognize and thank our supporters. Our first recipients were Meenakshitai Dadhe, founder of Bhagini Nivedita Bank who has been doing extraordinary work for women’s welfare, and Veenatai Gokhale, pioneer of the initiative, ‘Dene Samajache’ (Giving Back to Society). The event was held at the Jyostna Bhole Auditorium and was presided by Mr S.B. Muzumdar, an expert in the field of education with special guest Mr Prakash Apte, Director of our established supporter, Syngenta Foundation.

Our first award recipients

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