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A new generation of healthcare

A career in health

Our newest project, Snehdeep Rugna Seva Kendra Training Center, aims to provide employment prospects for some of the most vulnerable people living in our local communities while providing a much-needed resource to our health services. The center has strated with its first cohort of stuents and will provide bedside assistance training to 240 students each year at our shelter home, which is also the base for our new 50 bed hospital for HIV/AIDS patients, in MIDC, Ahmednagar.

The course is open to our own Snehalaya students and those from other orphanages and shelter homes, small farming families, poor social and economic minorities, slums, red light areas, migrant communities and remote tribal, rural and drought-prone areas. These include orphans, children of sex workers, victims of rape, sexual exploitation, trafficking and domestic violence, widows, HIV positive women, unmarried mothers and those rendered homeless through natural calamities.

For 27 years, Snehalaya has provided food, clothing, shelter, education, healthcare and counselling for women and children. However, once children reach 18, they have to leave our care, while many of them continue into higher education or undertake vocational training in computing, pottery and other handicraft skills others have limited options.

Our new training center

Our onsite hospital provides subsidised and free in-patients (IPD) and out-patients (OPD) care, including food for them and their carers, counselling, clothing, toiletries, ambulance transportation, laboratory and radiology tests to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA), including our own beneficiaries.

We have pioneered support services for PLHA in India to help them lead a dignified life and our project inspired the Indian Government to adopt our policies as part of the national AIDS-control program. In response to demand we are expanding our current 20-bed hospital to 50 beds with surgical and laboratory facilities and we saw the opportunity to also conduct our own vocational training to train the staff we will need to run our new facility.

Over three months, the government-accredited bedside assistance training course will provide theoretical and practical training in subjects such as hygiene, patient psychology, body mapping, basic pharmacology and home remedies. There is much demand for health workers in our district, country and overseas and once they graduate we will help the students to find work in our own and other hospitals.

If you are interested in more information or taking part in the course please email

bedside assistance training

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