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Each Saturday afternoon, our Snehjyot projects provide our Ahmednagar men having sex with men (MSM) and transgender (TG) communities a safe space to be who they are without fear of judgement. To celebrate LGBT History Month on Saturday 11 February our team organized a Pride event with music and refreshments.

The celebration also included practical information and advice from special guests, medical officer Dr Suresh Gholap, our beneficiary Bandu Avhad and Assistant Director of the project Pravin Mutyal. Pravin explained the importance of celebrating sexuality through Pride events and future plans, including how we are working to address the problems faced by the TG community in acquiring Aadhar (national identity) cards. He announced an upcoming Aadhar card camp and how once their cards have been issued, our outreach worker, Akshay Kedari, will then help them to open bank accounts.

Dr Gholap offered his medical advice on staying safe and healthy after which it was time for some sari swirling as the participants took to the dancefloor with our volunteers from the UK and New Zealand. It truly was an energetic and enjoyable event where everyone was free to express themselves with dignity and pride.

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